Third Key Solutions provides key consulting, management, and non-custodial storage solutions to individuals and organizations worldwide. We work with clients to design and test asset protection plans, including high-value estate planning, internal corporate governance plans, and disaster recovery plans. Our solutions are technology agnostic and can include key generation, backup, and cold storage services. Third Key Solutions will work with you to design the internal processes, like key compromise policies, to compliment your technology choices. Our clients include individuals, exchanges, wallets, start-ups, and charitable organizations using bitcoin and other digital currencies for crowdfunding, operations, and investment.

Solutions Discovery

If you think you need a multi-signature solution for governance, estate planning, or general asset security but aren’t sure where to start, the Solutions Discovery option is perfect. First, we’ll discuss what problems you’re trying to solve, how multi-signature might (or might not) help. Then we’ll talk about what technology you’re already using, what you like about it and what you don’t. After that, we’ll research possible solutions, with various technology providers, and the costs associated with them. We will provide you with 2 to 4 different solutions, depending on complexity of the problem and solution availability. With the solutions in hand, you can then make a decision on if, when, and how to move forward. Multi-currency and multi-token options are available too. See Pricing

Services for Estate Planning

Estate planning for bitcoin or other cryptoassets requires a two-tier approach, both tiers are equally important. First, from a technology perspective, can your heirs actually access the assets? Second, from a legal perspective, are they entitled to do so?

Third Key Solutions works with clients to tackle the technology issues surrounding estate planning. Our CEO, Pamela Morgan, through her law firm Empowered Law PLLC,  provides training and guidance to estate planning lawyers to help them successfully divide these assets according to your wishes.

Estate planning is much easier than you might imagine, particularly if you engage professionals to help you through the process. If you’re ready to move forward on the technology side, please contact us to schedule a Solutions Discovery package. See Pricing

Services for Bitcoin Exchanges

Bitcoin exchanges are plentiful. Secure bitcoin exchanges are rare. Exchanges are targets for hacking, embezzlement, and seizure. Too often exchanges and their customers are attacked by internal or external bad actors. Too many bitcoin have been stolen already but you can protect your business and your customers from becoming the next victims. We will help you quickly, easily, and securely move away from a single hot wallet to a more secure multisignature solution that fits with your exchanges goals and business model.

We offer low-cost industry-tested flexible solutions that include implementing multisignature security for cold storage, hot wallets, and individual customer accounts. Use your own software and systems or use one of our many technology partners, we’ll help you navigate it all.

We’ve already helped exchanges implement solutions like these:

Multi-sig Cold Storage: moved from a single-signer paper wallet stored in home safe to 2-of-3 multi-jurisdictional oracle-based solution, with a recovery key in redundant off-site locations.

Multi-sig Hot Wallet: moved from a single-signer pooled hot wallet for 50% of funds to 2-of-3 multisignature and multi-jurisdictional 5% hot wallet and 95% cold storage, with recovery keys stored with an unrelated third party in redundant off-site locations.

Individual Customer Accounts (HDM): designed a 2-of-3 multisignature solution with a partner oracle implementing velocity and policy controls with a recovery seed stored with a third party in redundant off-site locations.

Contact us to discuss customized solutions for your exchange.

Services for Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are one of the most exciting pieces of technology to enter the bitcoin space. We work with hardware wallet companies to help them design and implement secure, workable, multisignature key configurations. Depending on the organizational strategy and customer needs, we may include partner oracle services or the wallet company may provide the services in-house. Each solution is different but each solution is also auditable, affordable, and tested prior to implementation.

Contact us to discuss customized solutions for your hardware wallet.

Services for Start-ups

We securely generate and store one to three keys or seeds for your multi-signature business operations accounts. See Pricing

Included Services:

  • Basic Key Consulting: we provide process documents on how to implement a basic corporate governance structure and recovery plan.
  • Key Generation: offline, platform independent, organizationally independent.
  • Key Storage: non-custodial, geographically diverse, off-site, with two-factor audit-able access protection.
  • Update Reminders: periodically we’ll remind you to review and test your signing and recovery plan.

Optional Services:

  • Recovery Event: In the event your primary signing process is compromised, for any reason, we can provide a signature from our key to assist in recovery.
  • Consulting: We work with you to create customized process development that works with your team and your software/hardware solutions.

What we do:

  • We securely generate and store one or more private keys;
  • We deliver a corresponding public keys to our client (you);
  • We only ever have a minority of the signing quorum (less than M in M-of-N);
  • We help you design a signing plan to delegate duties and dilute the risks of embezzlement, coercion, and fraud;
  • We can help you design a recovery plan to access funds held in the multi-signature address in case of equipment theft, key holder personnel change, key loss, fire, flood, EMP, or natural disaster;
  • When recovery is needed, you’ll initiate your recovery plan, we will co-sign one or more transactions to execute recovery and ultimately funds will be “swept” into another unrelated address;
  • (Optional) Periodically we deliver a report, outlining the process and confirming secure storage.

What you do:

  • Work with us to create your signing plan, recovery plan, and associated multi-signature addresses;
  • You work with us to test each address prior to funding and at least annually thereafter;
  • You contact us when recovery is needed.

Customized Solutions

We also offer customized solutions for more complex needs. Contact us for a consultation on the following:

  • Crowdfunding Multisignature Addresses
  • Oracle signing services
  • Canary services

What we do NOT do:

  • We do not guarantee availability of funds
  • We do not hold enough keys to control funds
  • We do not hold enough keys to recover funds without you
  • We do not have independent access or authority to move funds
  • We do not protect your customers from you
  • We do not control your use of any funds
  • We do not provide oversight as to how you use funds
  • We do not provide escrow services
  • We do not provide arbitration services
  • We do not provide legal or financial advice
  • We do not provide audit services (financial, security, or otherwise)
  • We do not guarantee or endorse any individuals, organizations, or projects